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Ten Life-Changing Habits for a More Fulfilling Tomorrow: How to Cast Your Vote for Personal Growth

Updated: Mar 26

Have you ever wondered what that first voting day in Athens must have been like? Step back to the marketplace of that vibrant ancient city and imagine citizens gathering to cast their ostracons—pottery shards inscribed with the names of leaders.

What a radical experiment.

Ancient Athens

For the first time in history, the idea that a community could govern itself through the collective decision-making of its members was being tested. This moment, over 2,500 years ago, marked the dawn of democracy, placing the power to rule in the accumulation of votes. In this experiment, each toss of the ostracon had potential to change history.

How to Build Habits

In Atomic Habits, James Clear invites us to view our days and furthermore our actions as little ostracons that shape the type of person we will become. Have you been wondering how to build good habits? Each day we cast a vote for who we will become, and the beauty of democracy is that you just need to get it right most days.

If you are a looking to build good habits, start with small changes to your day. Here are ten daily habits for you to consider. You don’t have to embrace all of them, but think about how adding some of these could help you take your next step towards the person you want to become.

Ten Daily Habits for a More Fulfilling Tomorrow

  1. Get your phone off your bedside table: In 2019, the nonprofit Common Sense Media surveyed Americans and found that over 70% of us sleep with our phones beside us. What sort of votes are we casting if the last thing we touch at night and the first thing we reach for is our glowing screen? If we want to break free of the tyranny of our phones, the first step is to put a charger in another room.

  2. Start with a daily check-in supported by prayer, mindfulness, and/or journaling: Nearly every faith tradition emphasizes morning prayer for good reason. How we begin our day, defines how we live our day. In The Mindful Brain, Dr. Dan Siegel articulates a host of benefits to contemplation including increased capacity to hold multiple perspectives, becoming less reactive to stress, and functioning from a deeper awareness.

  3. Practice gratitude to shape how you think: This is on my list of things to adopt in 2024. Modern neuroscience emphasizes that our minds are shaped not by what we experience, but by how we experience what we experience. As we practice faithfully we can re-wire our brain and ultimately experience higher life satisfaction and hope with decreasing depression, anxiety, and jealousy. Studies have shown that individuals who are inherently grateful tend to experience a range of benefits more frequently than those who are less inclined towards gratitude.

  4. Say ‘No’ to dopamine at least once a day: Whenever our brain’s anticipate pleasure, they release dopamine which in turn creates a brief, addictive feeling of euphoria. What if just once a day you said “No” to checking your email (just in case something exciting came through) or eating one more cookie (because this one is going to be awesome)? Learning to resist that urge through small acts of defiance will shape you over time.

  5. Hydrate in the morning: We don’t drink enough water. Most of us reach for coffee first thing in the morning which acts as a diuretic further complicating the matter. Starting the day with water before coffee can help rehydrate the body, improve metabolism, and enhance cognitive function. Grab a quick bottle and chug it down or incorporate it into another practice.

  6. Read meaningful material for 15 minutes a day: You’ve heard the adage “leaders are readers,” and it is certainly true. The average person can read 2 books a month in increments of just 15 minutes a day. That might seem like a stretch, but what if you tried it just 4 days a week and got through 15 books this year? Start with Atomic Habits by James Clear or Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. I tend to read multiple books each month around a quarterly focus in order to go deep on a topic.

  7. Move intentionally each day: The benefits of exercise on your health and wellness are undisputed, but people quibble about the right dose and form that exercise should take. If you struggle to achieve the recommended 30 minutes a day of moderate exercise, consider how you can begin just 15 minutes. It can be a few push-ups and squats or exchanging watching the news for walking while listening to the news.

  8. Call a friend: Today, about one in four Millennials report that they have no close friends. Make time to foster friendship with a phone call or voice message sent directly to them, not via social media. You will find that you grow as you demonstrate connection with other people, and they will certainly be helped in the process.

  9. Perform a shutdown routine: This is one of my stretch goals for 2024. Experts show that if we embrace the arduous task of shutting down either at the end of a work day or before bed, we can accelerate tomorrow. I created a Time Blocking Journal you can download for free to help with this!

  10. Know your “why” and remind yourself throughout the day: Perhaps the most important key to living a healthy, flourishing life is knowing your “why” that animates what you do. Life coaching can help you develop a clear sense of the why behind the whats that fill your days.

Ready to transform your daily routine and cast positive votes for your future self? Explore how an AI life coach can tailor these habits specifically for you, guiding you toward the life you aspire to live. If you ever wonder, “What are good habits to have?” start your journey with Craftd today. These suggestions are just the beginning of living an intentional life that is free of some of the noise of modernity. Each day we cast a vote for who we will become.


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