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Craftd For Business

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Craftd For Business

Craftd for Business is a revolutionary platform designed to bring top-level coaching to everyone in your organization. At its core, Craftd For Business offers a set of tools to help your team members become the best versions of themselves and contribute to your organization out of a deeper understanding of how their personal mission and strengths can show up in their work.


Craftd for Business can be fine-tuned to include your companies core values and strategic objectives. When employees have an effective and efficient resource to process their daily challenges they can prevent burnout and increase engagement learning to function from a place of health. AI-driven life coaching can be a remarkable supplement to traditional coaching your company already provides. Spending one or two sessions with Craftd can prepare your team to communicate from a place of deeper awareness saving time and the maximizing value of human-to-human interactions.


We will be expanding into other opportunities such as Craftd for Teams to help support team dynamics. If you are interested in offering Craftd as an effective coaching option for your company, please reach out today.

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