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Cut The Noise And Craft Your Life - Use Your Phone As An Instrument For Good.

Craftd provides no fluff life coaching that helps you identify your strengths, dismantle your doubts, and build your habits for a fraction of the cost of human-based coaching.

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How Craftd Works

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Begin your journey by learning more about coaching in our quick-start article series or just diving in with a free trial.

AI-Powered Coaching

Work with our OpenAI assistant to process challenges you’re facing in an efficient but insightful way.

Actionable Strategies

You are the expert on your own life! Let our AI help you develop tailored, actionable strategies based on your personal situation so that they will be practical and easy to implement.

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About Craftd

What if we could use AI to provide life coaching for everyone? David Goodman, our founder, has helped bring thousands of lives into the world and tried to bring change in some of the poorest places of the world. As a physician with a masters in public health, he's animated to help people master their personal health.

At Craftd, we empower motivated individuals to cut through the noise and craft their lives, harnessing the precision of AI for genuine personal development transforming smartphones from tools of distraction into instruments of formation.

Why Choose Craftd?

Uncover Your Strengths

Craftd is your partner in self-discovery. We help you delve deep into your strengths, talents, and unique qualities, empowering you to harness them for personal and professional success.


Conquer Your Doubts

We understand that self-doubt can be a significant barrier to progress. At Craftd, we provide a safe and supportive space to address and overcome your doubts. Through proven techniques and empathetic coaching, we guide you in developing the resilience and self-assurance needed to navigate life's challenges.

Build Lasting Habits

Transforming your aspirations into tangible habits is a key focus at Craftd. We go beyond temporary motivation, offering practical strategies and support to instill habits that stick. Whether you're aiming for personal growth, career advancement, or a healthier lifestyle.

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What Sets Craftd Apart

Affordable Excellence:

Craftd is committed to making premium life coaching accessible. We believe in the transformative power of coaching and strive to offer our services at a fraction of the cost of traditional coaching.

Proven Results:

Hear stories from individuals who have experienced genuine transformation through Craftd. Our results speak for themselves, reflecting the effectiveness of our no-fluff, results-oriented approach.

No Fluff, Just Focus:

Craftd stands out for its commitment to cutting through the noise. We prioritize focus, delivering straightforward and effective guidance without unnecessary distractions.

Our Articles


Ready To Craft Your Future?

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth with Craftd. Join us in creating a life filled with purpose, confidence, and fulfillment. Your transformation starts here.

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